KSM plant was founded in June 2004. By the end of the year the company had already done all the preparatory works and started its active work including machinery repair, modernization and service.

Head office and the main production capacity of KSM are located on the territory of Kirovsky zavod. The localization of the company allows to take all the advantages of unique facilities of this industrial megalopolis. Our workshops are equipped with modern machinery, lifting machines with a capacity up to 50 tons and also with mounting plates for equipment fixing, which enables to perform a wide range of operations of different complexity.

Production and modernization of gear machines and boring mills are the main profiles of the company.

The participation of specialists from former Sverdlov Machine Tool Factory enabled the development of boring profile of KSM. In May 2005 the brand Sverdlov and its engineering archives were bought by KSM.

Gear-making profile was formed by a group of specialists from Saratov Heavy Gear-cutting Machines Plant. This fact let the company carry on the best traditions of Russian machine tool industry.

Technological engineering, equipment and tool-production in concordance with requirement specifications are also offered.