KSM Company offers its customers complete technological support, solving the most complex and unusual technological problems.

Our engineering service includes:

Equipment selection on the basis of the requirements specification and production status of a customer. Based on the analysis of the production facilities our experts make comprehensive assessment and proposal for the introduction of new technological solutions.

Development of technology for processing and design of special tools and equipment for the further implementation of the project. KSM Company collaborates with the world's leading manufacturers of tools and equipment, that  provides reliability and durability of the equipment. During the development of technology our specialists produce a test treatment of complex items in order to estimate the possibilities of achievement or replacement of inefficient processes more efficient ones. Then the process is issued in accordance with the unified system of technical documentation.

The implementation of the project is the most crucial stage. After delivery of machines, cutting tools and equipment we carry out set-up of the equipment for part machining.

We guarantee high quality development process done by highly qualified and experienced technologists according to your requirement and later  parts production line using our equipment according to the requirements specification.

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