Our company provides an extended warranty of 12 months for all supplied equipment. For the convenience of our customers warranty conditions are discussed individually.

The warranty extends to all parts of the machine, taking into account its natural deterioration.

Post-warranty service

At the end of warranty period we provide technical support and offer maintenance of the equipment permanently.

Our own repair depot, experience in overhaul and modernization of equipment, highly skilled specialists, special tools and devices allow to carry out various types of repair work and maintenance quickly and efficiently.

A contract for warranty service is signed free of charge. Only program execution time is paid. It allows to reduce the costs of service maintenance of machines and the time of serving so an uninterrupted process of manufacturing is provided.

Our service

• immediate and opportune response to warranty case;
• permanent data support of problem solving;
• interaction with specialists of manufacturing companies of the metalworking equipment in order to discover and
  prevent similar situations;
• pre-sale preparation;
• pre-commissioning of equipment on our working  area;
• maintenance of machines;
• modernization and re-equipping the  operating equipment;
• arrival of our specialists to carry out  post-warranty repair work;
• transportation of machines;
• reconditioning, overhaul and modernization of machines on the customer’s or our working area.

Advantages of warranty service in KSM Company

All the stages, from a telephone call about a warranty case to launching a machine, are controlled and analyzed to improve the operating principle of front line.

The use of modern technologies and mechanisms for cooperation guarantees the performance of warranty service as soon as possible, and a set of measures to prevent the occurrence of a similar event afterwards.

Only original or recommended by an operating company components and materials are used during repair work or maintenance. Work is carried out by skilled accredited staff or by specialists of an operating company.

The quality and completeness of repair and warranty work are guaranteed for all works.


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